Leeward CC Commencement Celebration 2022

Leeward Community College Commencement Celebration 2022

Streaming will be live on May 13th at 9am.

The hala lei given as a gift in graduation ceremonies represents the celebratory transition of our graduates who will move forward to the next chapter of their lives.

As the lei is a symbol of friendship and honor, the calabash bowl holding the lei represents the embracing and supportive relationships students shared at Leeward CC grounding them toward a confident future.

Congratulations Graduates!

Virtual Ceremony

Commencement Celebration Recording: Presented by Carlos Peñaloza, Chancellor

The College Oli, titled Hālau Puʻuloa, is presented by the Ke Ala ʻIke Scholars:

  • Dolores Elizares
  • Porsha Toma
  • Rena Yamazaki
  • Anna Peahu

Hawaiʻi Ponoʻi presented by Kaleʻa Nelson, Leeward CC graduate class of 2022
Accompanied by Honybal Sosa, Leeward alum

Student Speakers:

  • Anne Kelsey Ruedo
  • Logan Perry

Oli Komo

The oli komo, or welcoming chant, is a gift offered to those who visit our home. Hālau Puʻuloa tells of the beauty and abundance of our lands of Wai‘awa and the harbor of Pu‘uloa (Pearl Harbor). The area possessed fishponds teeming with marine life and natural springs that fed the lush vegetation that ‘Ewa is known for. It speaks of the refreshing winds that cool and the guardian of the bay who protects. The oli extends all the riches of Pu‘uloa to our guests as we invite them into our home.

Hālau Puʻuloa he awa lau no ʻEwa
He awa lau moana na ke Kēhau
He kiʻowai lua he muliwai no ʻEwa
No ua ʻāina kai (iʻa) hāmau leo
E hāmau ana ka leo o ke kanaka
ʻO pānea mai auaneʻi hilahila
Keʻeo ua iʻa la i loko o ke kai
O ke kai puakai ʻula ai ke kai o Kuhia – e
He mai, he mai
Eia no mākou nei.

Expansive is Puʻuloa a harbor for ʻEwa
An extensive harbor belonging to the Kēhau breeze
An abundant, overflowing estuary for ʻEwa
To this land belongs the iʻa that silences voices
The voices of people will be silenced
Yet, a response is always given lest there be shame
The aforementioned iʻa fills the sea
from the sacred reddish sea to the sea of Kuhia
Greetings, Please enter
For here we are to welcome you.